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Botox and fillers, more than just finding the best price

posted September 30, 2015, 12:05 PM

As the options grow for where one can find a provider for injection services like Botox and other fillers, the products themselves almost become a commodity. It becomes a quest of “where can I find the best deal?”

Lost in this search for low cost injectables is the fact that injecting is a skill set that comes with years of training and experience. Your best physicians and clinicians have dedicated a great deal of their professional career fine tuning their craft of injecting. They can look at your face, identify your needs (target zones), understand your goals and from there, move forward with the correct and proper amount of product.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Clarify your goals during your consultation. IE: “I want some movement in my face, don’t paralyze me…” A good injector will ask the right questions of you so you achieve your desired look.

Don’t be oversold. If you are buying “a deal” there is a possibility you could get more than you need. If this concerns you, get more than one opinion. A good, trusted provider will want a client for life, not just a sale.

While the world of injectables is sometimes a “non discussed” topic amongst friends, if you can find one who will talk, ask who they use. If you like their look, get that referral. After all, this is your face and your looks that you are entrusting to your provider.

So in the end, if you find yourself chasing the next great deal, don’t be surprised if your results are different each time you change providers. Your face is a map and your injector will understand your unique face and follow that same map to success each time. While not impossible to find a good price on the product, the bigger quest should be finding the best person to do the procedure.

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