Bare Body Shop has some good friends in the fitness industry, Rock Solid Nutrition.

We have joined up with them to make their supplements available for purchase at our store in Rockbrook Village.

Check out the selection we have to offer below!


Whey Protein Isolate, available in 5 delicious flavors

Rock Solid’s Whey Isolate is scientifically-formulated Isolate (sounds geeky – but it seriously rocks).  All of our whey comes from cows that live on a grass-fed, hormone-free diet, the way they have evolved to live.  You can taste the difference!


Whey Protein Isolate is a rare, premium-tasting protein that can help you cut fat and build lean muscle. It will also maximize muscle repair, accelerate muscle recovery AND muscle development.

The quick absorption of your scientifically-formulated Whey Protein Isolate makes it the perfect post-workout and a Rock Solid replacement for those awful tasting “healthy” snacks. Whey Protein Isolate offers low lactose, BCAAs, no aspartame, glutamine and 22 grams of protein per scoop. It doesn’t get much better than this people!

Sexy, women’s fat burner

In a rush to be bikini ready? Want that dashing young dude at the drugstore to do a double take? Ready to turn heads in that little black dress? Good news, you don’t have to follow a diet of ice cubes and oxygen to get there. Sexy was carefully created to help women lose the amount of body fat in the shortest amount of time and in the most stubborn of areas.


If you’re frustrated by flab that won’t disappear, then you’ve come to the right place. Sexify yourself with SEXY, Rock Solid’s strongest and most effective female fat burner yet.

Usage of Sexy isn’t limited to just gym time. Take Sexy even if you’re at home watching a movie or out shopping. Sexy works to burn the unwanted fat so that you can have that beach body you always wanted with less of the effort involved.

F’n Ripped, men’s fat burner

Frustrated by that flab that just won’t disappear? You’ve come to the right place! F’N RIPPED is Rock Solid’s strongest fat burner yet!


Specifically designed to destroy the most amount of body fat in the shortest amount of time, F’N RIPPED is your ticket to a tight, toned body.

Whether you’re a dedicated gym rat or an unconcerned couch potato, F’N RIPPED can help you drop the fat in the most stubborn of areas, like your lower back, sides, and abdominals.   That’s right. Get in shape while watching Gator Boys and the Game Show Network.  F’N RIPPED is one of the most beautiful ways to burn calories.



Branch chain amino acids account for 35% of all your muscles mass and must be present for muscle growth. BCAA Pump mixed with water can be taken during your workout, or sipped on throughout the day between your meals as a great tasting ZERO calorie beverage.

BCAA Pump has the perfect 2:1:1 ratio with added aminos to help increase blood flow and shuttle those nutrients into your muscles. When dieting BCAA Pump will help reduce muscle breakdown so you lose body fat and not muscle! When bulking, BCAA Pump will steadily feed your muscles to help them grow faster!

Strength Test

Rock Solid’s Strength Test is our scientifically-formulated Weapon of Mass Production (muscle mass that is).


The Ingredients in Strength Test are designed with mass in mind… Scientifically engineered to boost your body’s natural testosterone levels. Testosterone is your body’s most anabolic hormone creating the perfect environment to explode muscle mass rapidly (think TNT) and adding strength to lift weight you never thought possible.

Increase Testosterone Naturally
Strength Test increases your body’s natural production of testosterone without the side effects that come from pro-hormones or steroid use.  Strength Test will do the opposite of that, giving you back or even surpassing the testosterone levels you had in your in your prime!

Instead of using a smorgasburg of ingredients in small, ineffective amounts as many test boosters on the market do, Strength Test focuses on five of the strongest natural boosters, all of which have been scientifically proven to increase testosterone with the amount used in a serving of this product.

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In your 30's?: It is time to start thinking about slowing down the signs of pre-aging. In your 30's, your face is in the beginning phase of starting to lose collagen. Fine lines are beginning to appear and the skin is starting to have a dull appearance. Under eye circles become more prominent at this age due to lack of sleep. Our 30 year package rebuilds collagen, smooths out fine lines and gives your skin back it's brightness. In your 40's?: In this phase of your life, lots of happiness, smiling and laughing have brought lines around your mouth and eyes. Estrogen levels decrease, therefore decreasing collagen levels and thinning of your skin which makes you more prone to wrinkling. Freckles you thought were cute when you were younger are molding together to make age spots. Our 40 year plan is designed to remove age spots, tighten skin and improve your skin's texture. Are you 50+?: As you advance beyond 50, your face is showing the signs of a well-lived life. You may see deeper wrinkles and hollowness in your cheeks and around your eyes. Signs of menopause are drying out your skin and making it more sensitive. Our 50+ package improves collagen, texture, pigment, deep wrinkling and brightness of your skin.