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Our promise is your satisfaction. It starts with your initial visit where we will create a unique plan based on your needs. It ends with you being satisfied with the results.


Zero-Risk “Love Us” Guarantee:

100-Satisfaction-GuaranteeBare Body Shop’s amazingly low prices may make you think that our service isn’t as good as others or that you might have to sacrifice laser technology or service quality for our lower price.

Wrong! We’re absolutely confident that we provide a better experience in every way.  And, we’re willing to put our money where our mouth is! If, after your first treatment and prior to leaving the store, you feel that our staff didn’t deliver exceptional service or that our equipment wasn’t what we said it would be, we will refund 100% of your money immediately. NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

No other laser hair removal company would even think of offering this strong of a ! At Bare Body Shop we’re so confident that you’ll love our staff, our service and the service we deliver that we’re willing to offer this guarantee.

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In your 30's?: It is time to start thinking about slowing down the signs of pre-aging. In your 30's, your face is in the beginning phase of starting to lose collagen. Fine lines are beginning to appear and the skin is starting to have a dull appearance. Under eye circles become more prominent at this age due to lack of sleep. Our 30 year package rebuilds collagen, smooths out fine lines and gives your skin back it's brightness. In your 40's?: In this phase of your life, lots of happiness, smiling and laughing have brought lines around your mouth and eyes. Estrogen levels decrease, therefore decreasing collagen levels and thinning of your skin which makes you more prone to wrinkling. Freckles you thought were cute when you were younger are molding together to make age spots. Our 40 year plan is designed to remove age spots, tighten skin and improve your skin's texture. Are you 50+?: As you advance beyond 50, your face is showing the signs of a well-lived life. You may see deeper wrinkles and hollowness in your cheeks and around your eyes. Signs of menopause are drying out your skin and making it more sensitive. Our 50+ package improves collagen, texture, pigment, deep wrinkling and brightness of your skin.