Seasonal changes and your skin

posted October 14, 2015, 1:58 PM

Life in Nebraska and the Midwest means we get to experience the beauty of all four seasons. It also means we see the extremes of those seasons: hot and humid in the summer, cold and dry in the winter.

Don’t let this extended warm weather fool you, cold weather is coming. With that said let’s think about how to treat our skin during the cold, drier months.

First, you still need to use a sunscreen. Those UV rays are ever present and can burn and damage your skin year round. We always recommend a SPF 30 or greater. Andrea wrote a great blog about the dangerous winter rays.

Next, cold air means dry air. Obviously this means you want to keep your skin well hydrated. A good moisturizing lotion will help keep that protective barrier your skin needs from that cold, blowing wind. Left unprotected, your skin will develop cracks which then causes redness and other irritations like flaking and peeling. In addition to lotion, add moisture to the air in your house. Most houses have humidifiers. Check and make sure yours is working. Otherwise you can buy small humidifiers to place in different rooms throughout your house. The moisture in the air will help maintain healthy skin.

Another habit, and this one may be a little tougher, avoid those HOT HOT showers on the cold mornings. I am not saying freeze yourself, but warm water is much more gentle on the skin. Really hot water can cause some damage in that it will remove the natural oils your skin produces and leave it dry and parched.

If you find your skin flaking and peeling, exfoliate! Buy the right product, only apply to wet skin, use circular motions while exfoliating with a sponge or loofah, rinse well, dry off and use your lotion. Don’t pick and peel your skin!

Finally, don’t forget your lips! Keep a good lip balm with you at all times. Apply at night before bed and as needed throughout the day and keep your lips soft all winter long!

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