From a distance, Bare Body Shop may seem like a typical "med spa". Well, step closer and see that what we do is different, a lot different. We are not about big white rooms, sipping champagne and high prices. We are all about color, maybe even a little music in your room and prices everyone can afford. It's true that most of our clients are women. We are about 75/25 women to men. But since opening, we have served almost 6,000 clients so do the math and see that well over 1,200 men have walked through our doors. We serve all kinds...white collar, blue collar, no collar and even some former great athletes. The point is, we offer services that guys can and most importantly SHOULD use. Bottom line, we are kind of like Vegas...what happens at Bare Body Shop, stays at Bare Body Shop. So what are you waiting for? be a BARE guy, not a BEAR guy!

Bare Guy.