To best meet your needs, Bare Body Shop is offering a new pricing option:



Here is how our Limitless LASER works:

  1. You book your appointment NO MORE than 48 hours in advance
  2. You choose the touch up time needed:
    $119/half hour, $219/hour. We’ll do as much lasering we can do in that time frame!
  3. Services available include: laser hair removal, ClearLift and Skin Tightening. Please note, clinician and laser availability can and will vary. Please clarify at time of booking the specific service you are wanting to make sure we can perform the desired service.


If you are a bargain hunter, price shopper or whatever you want to call it, this really is an amazing deal.  No package commitments!  Just pay as you go.  Treat multiple areas in one session.  If you can be somewhat flexible on your schedule, it’s a steal!

You must meet pre-treatment guidelines to be eligible (no sun exposure, no antibiotics). Don’t worry, we’ll remind you of everything you need to remember when you schedule.


*Since people come in all shapes, sizes and hair types, the amount of areas treated will vary on a case by case basis.
New clients need to attend a free consultation prior to treatment.

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