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Bare Body Shop now offers last minute savings we like to call
Pampering on a Whim

Here’s how it works:

On occasion we will have last minute openings in our schedule–the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of some great deals on some well-deserved “pampering” with one of our experienced, talented estheticians.

If we have a last minute cancellation or the time is just available, we’ll let you know and pass along some savings! Our loss is your gain. Simply provide us your email address and we will let you know either the night before or the morning of when we have an available slot. It’s short notice but the deals are GREAT:

  • 30% off Hydrafacials and custom facials
  • 25% off eyelashes, new sets and fills
  • 30% off back treatments
  • 25% off waxing

Sign up now and start saving tomorrow!

READY TO LOOK & FEEL amazing? we’d love to meet you!