At Bare Body Shop we have the medical side and the esthetic side. All of our services on their own are amazing. However, when these services are combined, that is when synergy is truly defined.

Recently, we decided to create some bundles to target specific skin care needs. We combined services and products that when combined, compliment each other. The added bonus is that we passed along some savings to you by creating these "bundles".

Skin Resurfacing Package

-Skin pen, Dermaplaning and DEJ face cream: Built specifically to improve fine lines, reduce pore size, improve skin texture, and remove  dead skin cells and fine hairs. It includes a DEJ face cream that rejuvenates your skin long term with a proprietary blend of plant-based peptide technology that has proven results to reduce wrinkles, brighten skin, and improve elasticity.

Skin Brightening Package

-IPL, Hydrafacial Type 2 and Lytera: IPL brings ultimate pigment correction by removing brown spots and redness caused by rosacea and underlying vessels. Hydrafacial Type 2 cleanses, exfoliates the skin and adds a brightening complex to improve pigment. Includes a Lytera 2.0 brightening cream which addresses all types of pigment and redness.

Anti-Aging Package

-Skin Tightening, Hydrafacial Type 3 and TNS Essential Serum: Skin Tightening improves the laxity of the jowls and neck using infra-red technology to stimulate collagen production. Hydrafacial Type 3 cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes your skin with anti-aging peptide serums for overall improvement in wrinkles. TNS Essential Serum uses growth factors, Vitamin C along with 27 other antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, and a brightening complex to improve the look of wrinkles, texture and pigmentation.

Age-Defying Package

-20 units of Botox®, Type 1 Hydrafacial and HA5: This powerful combination smooths wrinkles and prevents further wrinkle formation. Type 1 Hydrafacial cleanses, exfoliates and improves fine lines and texture. HA5 anti-aging cream improves the skin's own natural moisture balance, creates immediate results in wrinkle reduction and builds superficial collagen.

Even Up Package

- Vitalize Peel, Hydrafacial Type 4 and Colorescience Even Up Kit: The Vitalize Peel uses a chemical exfoliation to improve texture, pigment and fine lines...leaving the skin soft and glowing. Hydrafacial Type 4 cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes your skin with advanced growth factor to deliver firmer skin along with a LED light for overall improvement in wrinkles. Colorescience Even Up Kit includes Even Up, a breakthrough tinted product with SPF 50 that diminishes the appearance of discoloration, reduces inflammation and immediately blurs stubborn brown spots. The kit also includes a travel size Sunforgettable water resistant brush-on sunscreen and a hydrating setting mist.