Laser Hair Removal

Bare Body Shop is dedicated to hair removal using the latest in laser hair technology. Our laser hair removal is fast, safe, virtually painless and effective! It works with all skin types!

How Does Laser Hair Removal Work?

(and does it hurt?)


Our laser hair removal works by using the latest technology. Unlike the traditional, painful, point and click laser we use an “in-motion” laser. Our in-motion technology delivers lower energy at higher repetition pulses which means a gradual heat delivery therefore more effectively heating up the hair follicle, damaging it and preventing re-growth. The sapphire tip on the laser provides contact cooling during the treatment and literally protects the surrounding skin and makes the experience virtually pain free.

Lip • Chin • Brow • Ears • Female Breasts • Abs • Bikini/Brazillian • Hands
Feet • Underarms • Neck • Face • Lower Back • Standard Chest • Upper & Lower Legs
Shoulders • Upper Back • Head • Buttocks • Arms

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